Web Analytics Demo by Marianis demonstrates the use of internal site search, online site survey, SEO and web analytics to amplify the voice of the customer. Unlike a blog that covers a wide variety of topics and tasks, Marianis demonstrates a complete web analytics solution on every page.

Marianis Web Analytics Demo uses one style sheet, valid HTML5, minimal JavaScript and Google Analytics to implement each demonstration. You learn how to setup your web analytics tools and analyze the large amounts of data they create. Instead of dull conventional wisdom, you hear the vibrant voice of the customer.

Simplify Setup & Analysis - Distill Customer Insights

Setup Internal Site Search

Simplify navigation and use the search terms to seed SEO

Add an Online Site Survey

Listen and respond to your Visitors

Perform SEO

Turn every page into a landing page

Access Demo Resources

Learn more about Web Analytics and Internet Marketing

Tip: Use the View Source (IE) or View Page Source (FF) web browser command to view each demonstration.

Tell us what you think

Send comments or requests to view the Google Analytics Reports to Webmaster @ marianisllc.com. Please take the online Site Survey. Tell us whether you found the demo format helpful or would have preferred a web analytics tutorial.

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