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Pre-Internet Marketing Rules Build Your Web Presence

Pre-Internet was a time when we communicated and consumed content differently than we do today. Everyone subscribed to at least one print newspaper or magazine. People read books with real pages and met in coffee shops to discuss them. We wrote and mailed letters. Every family had a camera, many that took pictures on photographic film. What can today’s Web-savvy marketers learn from these pre-Internet days? A lot.

Simplified AMP Deployment on WordPress

A Simplified AMP Deployment on WordPress® is accessible to any marketing team. Simply install two Plugins and add an amp-analytics tracking code in minutes. The resulting AMP deployment automatically creates AMP pages based on your published Blog posts. These simplified pages build your AMP online presence while your competitors struggle to launch their own, full-featured AMP HTML pages. Your AMP pages provide valuable coding insights to your own Web development team’s efforts, as well.

WPEngine Recommended Web Host

I recommend WPEngine® for hosting WordPress websites, because it is fast, secure, efficient and affordable. Before migrating to WPEngine, my website’s load times averaged 1 second with peaks over 3 seconds. Since migrating to WPEngine in mid-December 2014, my page load times average 0.2 seconds, with occasional bumps up to 0.7 seconds. Now, that is fast!

Seattle Search Network Blog Posts

You can find my earlier blog posts on the Seattle Search Network (SSN). Topics include an SSN roundtable event summary, structured data example, scaled images, mobile friendly website and managed WordPress hosting service.